Reardon and family ready for what's next at McKinley, Canton

By Eric Loughry ('96)


reardon 2 mckdotcom headerAs Dan Reardon headed toward the exit of the coaches' offices at Tom Benson Stadium to go pick up his oldest son, Matthew, from football practice, his 3-year old daughter, Grace, broke down in tears. Reardon assured her that he would be back soon. While he was gone, Reardon's 15-year old daughter, Emma, kept an eye on Grace and her brother, Patrick, who will turn 5 in a few weeks. When Reardon returned with Matthew about a half hour later that night in early August, he went to get a load of laundry from the equipment room as Matthew headed upstairs to see his brother and sisters.

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FNO: Fast times for McKinley defense

Fast times for McKinley defense

What makes Chandler's selection more impressive is that the McKinley defense is a veteran group. Lineman Joe Corner, linebackers Daryl Daniels and Ca'Ron Turner, and defensive backs Re'Meire Burrows, Xavier Smith and Ja'Ron Lee all have starting experience along with Trotter, Chandler and Corner.